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This recipe was created at my clients house with all their ingredients some good, some that needed used up before throwing them away. 

On the rare occasion that my client is home I try to make them a special lunch with the ingredients I have already purchased and sometimes some of theirs. 

 That day, she had beautiful tomatoes fresh picked from their garden sitting on the window sill.  The light comes in and shines on them, continuing to ripen them.  These particular ones looked like they were about to be over ripe so of course I‘M into using these fresh rebuy beauties!

Also I had sherry cooking wine- it isn’t your everyday go to for making a sauce. Sherry gives your dish an umami flavor. Love that earthy flavor. 

 I did add chicken stock to keep the deep savory flavor going but you could use a veggie broth if you are into keeping it vegetarian. 

 This is a great end of summer meal when theweather is changing but you are still harvesting tomatoes.

Equally amazing for colder weather comfort. 

Its not a slow simmer sauce, this can be made start to finish in about 45 minutes. 



Cutting board

Saute pan

Wooden utensil 


Olive oil 4 T.

Garden Tomatoes 5 large – 10 Roma cut in large chunks

Garlic 5 cloves chopped 

Red onion 1 med. sliced- not to thin

Spinach 1 bag – I use baby spinach, curly is fine too

Chicken stock 1/2 -3/4 cup 

Heavy cream 1 cup

Sherry cooking sherry is fine 1/2 cup

Parmesan cheese (good stuff, not the unrefrigerated shelf cheese) 1/4-1/2 cup

Nutmeg dash-optional 

S&P to your taste


After you have chopped, and sliced all your produce, grab your sauté pan, over medium heat, add your olive oil.  Then add your onions, saute for 3 minutes then add your garlic. Continue to stir around so your garlic does not burn..

Add your sherry and scrape the bottom with your wooden utensil to get all that good stuff released off the bottom of your saute pan. 

Add tomatoes, and stock. Let reduce down for 10 minutes.  

Add heavy cream and turn down to a light simmer, taste,add fresh parmesan cheese… you need to stay on top of the stirring until the parm is completely incorporated.  


Then finally add salt and pepper to your taste. 

Let thicken anothother 5 – 10 minutes 

Take off and pour over cooked chicken, pasta, or just eat with crusty bread or crostini

Pairs well with a Pinot Nior, or a heavier wine like a Cabernet or Petit Syrah 

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