Berry Smoothie


All the nutrient dense goodness. When I want something sweet this checks all the boxes for me. Gives you energy & immune system boosting power for your day.
I love to make all my good and drink look sexy this way you are able to pause and be in the moment and experience the

The honey, and the salt (electro lights) really round out the flavor and experience for this smoothie so don’t skip this step. Make it and take a moment for yourself knowing you are feeding your body something that has potential to make your day a little better. Take note of how your body feels after you finish it. Pre work out smoothie don’t add any cherries they naturally produce melatonin. But for a post work out this makes sense for relaxation.

Tools Needed:


Small spatula


Cutting board


Measuring cups 1/2 & 1 cup

Drinking glass

Small plate



1.5 cups frozen mixed berries

1.5 tsp. Organic dragon fruit powder

1/2-1 cup 100% pomegranate juice not from concentrate

1/4 cup beet juice (optional)

1 small dropper of liquid stevia (or sweetener of choice)

1/2 fresh lime squeezed

Lavender honey

Black flake salt ~ I use Big Sur Salt


Let’s make your smoothie! 🍓🍒🫐

Add all ingredients to your blender. Blend. Continue blending until you have a smoothie consistency.

Using your small plate, pour some honey on it and roll the outside of your glass in it. And then roll in a small pile of black salt.

Now pour your smoothie into your glass ~ kick back and sip away!

Pro tip: you can use meldon flake salt or any course salt you may have

Liv to Eat~


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