Butterfly Pea Tea Ice Cubes


Why make ice cubes with anything but water you may be asking. Well, my best answer is, your drink doesn’t get watered down I know I hate that. Even in the summer sunshine it’s hard to down an ice cold beverage. While refreshing, it’s going to melt your ice cubes before your entirely finished.

That’s right, enjoy your entire drink while the flavor stays the same!

It’s also great for a natural food coloring!

And did I mention the health benefits? Some studies have shown ~ this flower from Asia Helps …

🦋 increase skin hydration

🦋promote hair growth

🦋immune system builder

🦋may promote weight loss

🦋stabilizes blood sugar levels


Brew butterfly pea tea and freeze in ice cube trays

Freeze & use for blue and purple fabulousness

AND, when you add an acid to it the bright blue color changes to a vibrant purple! 💜

So grab yourself a fun ice cube mold like it did and play around with some butterfly pea tea ice…also brew some up for a beautifully refreshing glass of ice tea.

Liv to Eat ~ 🦋Sarah💜

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