Ah, chimmicurri, One of the best..

So here is what I love… it’s not cream base, it’s not heavy, it’s healthy, and it’s served room temp and there is no cooking involved!  Also a year round sauce I mean all four seasons serve this with confidence! 


Food processor 

 Spatula, small

tasting spoon


 1 bunch cilantro~washed

1 bunch parsley~washed (lay both herbs out on paper towels to dry)

2 tsp. ground cumin spice

1/4 -1/2 c. olive oil

3 garlic cloves (try 2 and taste see how much garlic you like) 

pinch or two of pink or gray salt (something mineral tasting)

1 tsp. red pepper flakes (more if you live the spicy life)


So easy… grab thos drying herbs and twist off the stems. It’s OKAY that you don’t get all the stems. I use stems all the time as long as they are not thick and woody. 

Place one of the bunches into your processor. Begin processing it, I’ve found that sometimes all I have to do is hit the button and watch the magic (chopping) begin.  But other times my stems will get tangled up around the center blade.. simply open your processor and untangle and move around then process again. I could not tell you why this happens only sometimes!  LOL

Now that you have the two bunches of herbs chopped up, add your cumin, salt, 1/4 c.olive oil, don’t add red pepper flakes until the end. 

Keeping them whole gives the sauce more color contrast.  (Because we all know color contrast is the first thing to think about when cooking..LOL)

Continue to blend, now time to taste.  Grab your spoon and see what you think.

 Cooking a recipe is great but pay attention to what YOU like, ask yourself, do I like the consistency? Or would this taste better to me if i added the other part of the olive oil to give it a milder taste?  This is how you learn to cook better in general and think about the way you like things to turn out. We all have different tastes.  This is your cooking journey, I’m just here to give you some yummy suggestions 🙂

Add the rest of the oil and blend ,or add a pinch more of salt, if you want to. 

If not and your masterpiece is done, scrape out with small spatula into an airtight  glass container and top with red pepper flakes. Use your spatula to stir those around. Cover and refrigerate for up to 4 days, make sure you pull it out to come to room temp before serving. 

 or into a dish for serving immediately.  

Some of my favorite pairings:

Steak, NY strip, Flank, Filet

Seafood, Scallops, Shrimp

Pour over goat cheese for a cheese board~savory~

Dip crusty bread

Red wine!!!

Enjoy all the possibilities!

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