Easy Mac ‘n Cheese


Mac ‘n Cheese the American favorite.

Let’s take the worry out of the cheese sauce. No flour, no butter, no roux.

I don’t have anything against using roux, but if you’ve made cheese sauce in the past and it breaks or just doesn’t turn out right, try this one. Three ingredients and all you need is a sautée pan, a whisk, and your stovetop. Then baking it to finish.

The key ingredient is heavy cream. I use this because of the highest fat content that makes the creamiest cheese sauce. for those of you that don’t know, heavy cream has a fat content of 36-40 percent while whipping cream has a fat content of 30-36 percent. This makes the creamiest, yummiest, ”may I please have more, sauce.” You will be a dinner time hero.

In the summer this makes a great addition to any picnic, or potluck.

How to make cheese sauce that always is creamy and velvety!

1 quart heavy cream

3/4# yellow American Cheese (from your deli counter, not craft singles)

1/4# Mild Cheddar sliced from the deli counter

Before you start your cheese sauce make sure you have your pasta of choice boiled and drained, not rinsed. (Use lots of salt and some olive oil in the water for added flavor)

Set aside.

Cheese Sauce

On stovetop bring 1 quart of heavy whipping cream to a simmer. Once simmering turn down heat to maintain, not to boil.

Add one slice at a time (this part may take 20 minutes) and whisk until completely melted…repeat that process until all cheese is melted into Heavy cream.

Pour over your pasta. Mix together place in a baking dish and bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes may need up to 45 minutes to brown the top.

Serve immediately.

Perfect Cheese sauce is why I Liv to Eat~


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