French Onion Soup


When you go to a restaraunt this soup is typically on the menu. 

Some places make it good and other fall flat. 

This recipe I created it is a no fail great batch of soup every time. Using beer in it does alter the taste from year to year as beer itself is brewed and taste can change slightly. 

That’s why I love making this soup. It’s fun to taste the differences each year. It’s kind of a tradition in our home now. 

I used to make it with a much heavier beer ,learned that it changed to much from year to year and there were some batches we honestly could not eat. 

So over the years to core recipe has stayed the same right down to the two cheese blend for the top. 

I’m very picky about my cheeses for this soup. 

 Swiss and provolone make the perfect pair of bitey and bold 


large pot with thick bottom for cooking all clad or cuisinart have good options or staub 


wooden spoon 

measuring spoons

measuring cups


cutting board 

Kleenex to wipe your tears as you slice onions lol



light olive oil 4T. 

fresh thyme 1 container/approx 20 sprigs

large sweet onions 10

California garlic powder 2T. 

beef soup  base 1/4 cup

beef stock or broth 2 containers 

yingling beer or a lager beer 2 bottles 

worchestirahire sauce 1/4 cup

chicken soup base 2 T. 

pepper TT. 

salt ~ but taste first there are a lot of salty ingredients already added


Add your light olive oil into medium size pot with lid and heat. 

 Add 10 sliced onions into hot oil~let cook 1 minute or longer to brown onions before stirring. 

Add sprigs of thyme. Yep, add the whole sprig in and let cook down with onions. 

Season onions with pepper and garlic powder. Continue to stir. 

Your focus is to cook the onions but not break them down into mush. 

Add your beef base and chicken base, then pepper, stir. 

It will be very aromatic by now, all the savory smells and herbs will be filling your house with the yummiest of smells. 

Time to deglaze the bottom of the soup pan. Make sure you are using a wooden spoon and add all liquid. Stir and scrape the bottom to get all those good flavors. 

Turn your heat down and let simmer for 20 minutes. Taste. It’s time to add more of something if needed. If it’s bland or watery, add more Worcestershire sauce. taste again. 

 Once your onions are at a desirable texture you are done. 

voilà! Ladle soup into oven sage bowl…

Top with croutons and a layer of Swiss/provolone/Swiss and bake in your oven @ 375° until your cheese is browned. 

Set a timer for five minutes and check it usually takes longer but everyone’s oven is different. 


Liv to Eat~


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