Grilled Watermelon with feta and citrus


So many fun fruits turn into appetizers or even main course dishes during the warm month in Pennsylvania.

 We only get to enjoy these for a short time every year so try everything! Fresh flavors make this dish colorful and tasty. 

the salty flavor of feta and the juicy sweetness of the watermelon pair so well together. Add some herbs (I stick with fresh basil or mint for this one) a squeeze of lime juice & extra virgin olive oil. 

Thats it! Really that’s all you do. 


your hands, washed 😜


cutting board 

long tongs

Ingredients & Method: 

Grill your watermelon ~ extra hot scraped clean grill place pieces on, flip after 1.5 minutes if you’d like a firmer texture only grill mark one side. 

finish by~

Sprinkle feta cheese, squeeze lime juice, drizzle (good) extra virgin olive oil and chop fresh mint or basil. 

Grill, sprinkle, squeeze, drizzle, chop! Has a nice ring to it don’t you think? 

Liv to Eat~


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