Herbed Roasted Almonds


Why herbed almonds? Oh I’ll tell you why…any season, any occasion, any holiday. 

Not messy. Easy. Fast to prepare. 

If only every recipe could be like roasted nuts recipes. 

This recipe does not have exact measurements so play around some of us like certain flavors better so create your own version using these ingredients and guidelines. 


large bowl 

large spoon if you don’t like using your hands to mix 

sheet tray 

parchment paper (optional, NO aluminum foil)

desire to eat something yummy 


raw almonds ~ whole (if you want to use blanched without skins, or already roasted ~then reduce cooking time)

avocado oil, or a high heat oil just drizzle over to coat 

california garlic powder

pink Himalayan salt 

dry herbs to play with:




italian spice 


Preheat your oven to 400°

Line your sheet tray

In a large bowl, add your raw whole almonds, drizzle your avocado oil or high heat oil over the almonds, now add your spices and salt…taste one or five…when you have the desired flavor. 

Spread out, single layer, on lined sheet tray and bake for 8-10 min. 

**decrease cook time if you are using a different version of the almond. **

Pairs well with ALL charcuterie boards and wine!!! 

Liv to Eat ~

Chef Sarah 🍷

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