Lemon Thyme Lavender Whipped Cream


Fresh Lavender Whipped Cream is soooooo much tastier than the grocery store stuff!  

If you have a fancy whipped cream container with a cartridge and already make your own, well, you are amazing!  I will still suggest trying this so you are able to infuse flavors into it. 


Food processor

small spatula



1 tsp. Culinary lavender

1-2 tsp. Lemon zest

1/2 c. Heavy cream

1/4 c.  Powdered sugar

Pro tip:

Freeze your processor bowl without the blade now, the colder the bowl the faster you will whip the heavy cream


Grab your processor bowl out of the freezer.

Add lemon zest and lavender into processor and blend for 10 seconds to break down ever so slightly. 

Add the H..cream, powdered sugar and blend for 1-3 minutes without stopping until you notice your liquid appears to be thicker and isn’t moving as fast as when you began your blending process.

 Once you notice this, check to see if its a thick “whipped cream consistency”..If not, begin processing again, check in 30 seconds…Boom you are done, scrape into a chilled bowl and serve immediately.  (Top your favorite granita for a summer day treat, recipe under “strawberry”)

Taste your creation… you can infuse so many things, or use this recipe with only the heavy cream and powdered sugar for your traditional topping.  Great for dipping fresh fruit and hot chocolate.

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