Middle eastern pickled turnips


So there is this restaurant in Pittsburgh that serves these with their hummus and labneh platter. Oh man! I had to make these for myself because I found myself literally day dreaming about them. 

So, I compared some recipes and this tastes just like the ones we go to Lawrenceville for!

I can’t keep them to myself, I must share them so you can add these to your hummus board this summer!

I did make a video to help out, this truly is an easy recipe…



cutting board

32 oz. mason jar wide mouth with lid

measuring cup


1 T. Pink Himalayan salt

1/2 c. white vinegar

3/4 c. Water

6 fresh garlic cloves

1 large beet washed not peeled

2 small/medium turnips or 1 large


Slice both the turnips and the beet thin. Add all  ingredients into the mason jar. Garlic first then liquid and salt. Finally the slices…start with turnips then beets then turnips again layer until finished. 

Top off with water to cover all. (You may not need to add anymore tho.)Twist your lid on tight and shake to combine the liquids and salt together. 

Refrigerate for 24-48 hours before eating. 

Liv to Eat~


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