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Blackberry Protein Parfait

Stunning contrast with colors of yellow and deep blue for this feel good goodie! Tastes great with healthy benefits of blue spiralina, blackberries, cottage cheese. Tools: Food Processor or BlenderMeasuring cupsMeasuring spoonsSpatulaZesterKnife- small pairing for carving out your lemons Ingredients: Organic Blackberries 1/3 cup, washedLemon zest 1/2 tsp.Lemon juice 1/2 …

Seasoned Toasted Almonds

Why make your own?So you control the “extra gross stuff”Yep, extra is always added for packaging & shelf life even in our “healthy” marketed products.And what’s even more of a surprise is the low end oils they use, from a financial standpoint it’s great, but from a healthy stand point …

Herb Salt ~ Rosemary🌿Thyme

Makes a world of difference when you are seasoning with fresh herbs rather than dried ones.😜 Tools: Cutting board Knife for chopping Small container with lid Ingredients: Rosemary Thyme Dill (optional) Parsley (optional) Method: Set up your cutting board. 🌿Pick off the herbs off the stems of both your rosemary …

Butterfly Pea Tea Ice Cubes

Why make ice cubes with anything but water you may be asking. Well, my best answer is, your drink doesn’t get watered down I know I hate that. Even in the summer sunshine it’s hard to down an ice cold beverage. While refreshing, it’s going to melt your ice cubes …

Middle eastern pickled turnips

So there is this restaurant in Pittsburgh that serves these with their hummus and labneh platter. Oh man! I had to make these for myself because I found myself literally day dreaming about them.  So, I compared some recipes and this tastes just like the ones we go to Lawrenceville …

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