Peach coconut cream Popsicles


It’s summer and the kids are home ALL THE. TIME. 

It’s hard to keep everyone fed and make sure they aren’t overindulging from snacking 24 hours a day to “Who ate the whole box of popsicles I just bought!?”  

Everyday I hear at least 5 times…”Can I get a popsicle” or “I want ice cream“. These popsicles are best of both worlds and it’s healthy for the kiddos. 

Now I will be honest, it took my daughter a couple times trying these to really be all in on them. They are different. Less sugar and real fruit. But super delish! She will attest to that now. 

Not only are these easy to make but there are 4 ingredients total. So bust out your popsicle molds and if you don’t have any then hit up amazon for some. 

Ingredients :

1 ripe peach 

3/4 can coconut  cream 

2T. or more of Honey~I use local honey when I can~it helps with allergies

2 dashes of cinnamon

Mix all together in blender. Pour into your molds and freeze at least 3 hours to overnight. 

Making kiddos smile is why I Liv to Eat~


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