Raw Brussels sprout Slaw


As a Personal Chef I take requests from my clients for their  menus.  Thats how this recipe was born.

Several years ago I was working for a teacher, her three boys, and husband. Thats quite the family to  help get healthy food on the table. Her main focus was Cholesterols.  She and her young son both struggled with high numbers.  I am not a nutritionalist, BUT, I DO educate myself with each new family and each new dietary request I get.  For Sarah, yep her name is the same as mine, she was looking for dishes that contained olive oil as a key ingredient..as well as being healthy.  So after cooking for her and her amazing family for a month or more we decided it was time to really focus on the dietary restrictions her Doctor recommended.  Thats how RAW Brussels Sprout Slaw came to be.  its

So for those hot  summer days  and evenings you entertain, or you go to friends cookouts and pool parties, this  dish is perfect.  This recipe can be made the night before, just keep the dressing and the sunflower seeds separate until you are ready to serve.


For the slaw 

30-40 large Brussels sprouts whole(shred by cutting or using food processor shredding attachment, also Ive seen pre-shredded Brussels sprouts in bags at the grocery store. 

1/4c (or more) Sunflower seeds roasted and unsalted ~I like lots!

For the dressing

3 whole lemons rolled, and squeezed for the juice

1c.  “everyday” Olive Oil (not super mild, that in between flavor)

1T. ground black pepper

In food processor, bullet, blender, add the lemon juice and pepper.  turn on and slowly add the olive oil into and emulsion. Toss with shredded Sprouts and sunflower seeds.  This is a wonderful side dish for burgers, chicken, fish, off the grill.

This recipe will hold for 3 days after being mixed together, in the refrigerator.

Taking this to gatherings in the warm months is why I…

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