Seasoned Toasted Almonds


Why make your own?
So you control the “extra gross stuff”
Yep, extra is always added for packaging & shelf life even in our “healthy” marketed products.
And what’s even more of a surprise is the low end oils they use, from a financial standpoint it’s great, but from a healthy stand point super bad.
Leads to skin issues, low energy, clogged arteries when it’s consumed in large quantities or over time.

So if you are wondering why you should take the extra 2 minutes to throw together seasoned alkyds for yourself to munch on for the rest of the week…
It’s a fast prep for a tasty healthy choice you get to control!

Some ways I love to use them:

  • charcuterie, boards•salads•snacking

Sheet tray
Parchment paper
Large bowl

Raw almonds 1/2 bag is one sheet tray or 1 bag you’ll want to queue up 2 sheet trays.
Dry spices:
Onion salt (I like Trader Joe’s) TT.
California garlic (Costco or Trader Joe’s) this has a toasted garlic flavor TT.
Cajun seasoning (optional) TT.
Avocado oil or Coconut oil 2T.

Pre-heat oven to 350° or 325° for convection cooking.
Line you Mr sheet tray or trays.

In a large bowl nuts, oil (just enough to coat the almonds) & dry ingredients.
Mix around with your spatula making sure to distribute all the dry spices over almonds for an even coating.
Lay out on your tray (s).

Place trays in oven and set your timer for 7 min. You may need additional time. I like mine really toasted so I leave mine in for 9-10 min. We love the extra flavor.
Have fun with this recipe trying all kinds of different dry spices on your almonds. Make sure you take notes so you don’t forget your favorite combo!

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