Shrimp Boil foil packets


Who needs a huge shrimp boil with all that mess and cleanup. Think one stop shop with these easy, fast, and quick to clean shrimp bake.  

Also I’m not a fan of Old Bay seasoning, so in my version of this it’s Cajun seasoning. 

If you happen to love Old Bay then make sure you sub that in for the Cajun spice.  



Cutting board

Foil 6 pieces 

Iron skillet or regular non stick skillet

Grill or your oven 


Shrimp 5 per package/30 total peeled and deveined 

Sausage (smoked sausage optional) 1 package sliced into coins 

Corn on Cob 3 whole, cut into thirds

Butter 1 stick sliced into sections

Fresh garlic 5 cloves chopped 

Cajun spice – I use salt free 1-2 big pinches for each foil packet

Sweet onion 1 sliced 

1 bag/3 pounds Baby potatoes cut in half or thirds, make sure they are all approx the same size

Parsley 1/2 bunch chopped


With your six pieces of foil separated and laying out on your counter you can do an assembly line if you have the room..if not one at a time is the way I do it. 

I Add five pieces of shrimp pasta well he’s 4 to 5 pieces of smoked sausage a few potatoes one piece of corn, A healthy sprinkle of Cajun seasoning a pad of butter, tsp of fresh garlic and lastly parsley. 

Wrap it up by taking vertically your foil and folding it over like you are folding a paper bag, then fold your sides in toward the shrimp & ingredients. 

Pro tip: don’t fold everything so tight because during the cooking process it will need some room for the butter to melt and you don’t want it using out. 

Preheat your oven to 400°F put 

If grilling keep grill around 350 to 400° so a medium heat and talk with the lid closed for 30 to 35 minutes. 

Again wait two minutes once you pull them off the grill to open the foil packets watch out for hot steam!!

Liv to Eat~


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