Sweet Pepper Sheet Pan Chicken


Serves: 4    Prep: 15 min  Cook: 45

Ooey~Goey  and oh so easy sheet pan meal.  Keep it healthy with this fast easy recipe, great with rice or quinoa as a side dish.  Keep it healthier by leaving the cheese off.


large bowl to toss chicken, herbs, veggie




cutting board

sheet tray 

parchment paper 



4 T. Olive oil 

1/2 large fresh lemon juice (optional) 

2 pkgs or 16-18 pieces chicken tenders boneless skinless 

1 of each red and yellow sweet peppers sliced 

Pro Tip: slice peppers thicker for more “crunch”

Thyme and rosemary, fresh, throw as many sprigs as you like 

Pro Tip: if using dry herbs  1 T. of each dry herbs are more potent

1 bunch Green onion or purple spring onion (wash these first, they can be dirty) or just regular 1/2 sweet onion sliced 

6-8 slices Provolone (bitey) cheese 

6-8 slices mozzarella (mild) 

1/2 c. shredded Asiago (bitey/nutty)

** your choice, maybe try a new cheese each time and figure out your favorite **

Salt & Pepper TT. 

Garlic powder TT. or 2 T. I like a lot but 2 T. will give you the flavor you need for this recipe ~ but I add more 😜


Pre-heat oven to 400° convection 425° conventional. 

Pro Tip: make sure your oven is preheated, this will ensure accurate cooking time 

Line sheet tray with Parchment paper and set aside. 

Boneless skinless tenders clean up any unwanted fat or cartilage. When cleaned rinse your chicken. And dry with paper towels and throw into large bowl. 

Prep your sliced onions and sweet peppers now. 

Using 2T. of you olive oil, drizzle over raw chicken in bowl, season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, fresh lemon juice, & fresh herb sprigs or HALF of your dry herbs then…

Mix with your hands until all chicken is coated. Pour onto parchment covered sheet tray. 

Pro Tip: make sure to scrape your bowl with a spatula to get all of the oil seasonings and flavor onto your chicken to bake. 

Bake chicken for 22 minutes. 

Pull out and flip each piece of chicken, toss your veggies in the bowl with the remaining 2 T. olive oil ~ season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder 1/2 T. of garlic powder & remaining dry herbs (if using dry) Toss with hands ~  pour your veggies over chicken, scrape with spatula to get all that good oil and seasoning over the veg. & chicken mixture. 

Bake another 12 minutes. 

Top with cheese for final 5-8 minutes  

Pull out and let sit one minutes before serving. 

Healthy and Fast. Enjoy! 

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