Tropical Collagen Tea Smoothie


It’s been HOT and tomorrow is even hotter so smoothies rule right now. Eating big meals just isn’t where my heads been at during intense humid days.

Smoothies are easy peasy & allow flavor and nutrition without the heavy meal. Not a lot of clean up either.

With this smoothie I am jumping on the “Barbie” vibe bringing a recipe that has nutrient dense ingredients and an herbal tea twist! Pink and Tasty!

I’m a fan of getting a daily dose of collagen so adding into smoothies is a great way to do it.

The mango and dragon fruit give this smoothie the tropical flare, perfect for a summer day!

Enjoy as your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.



Glass & Reusable Straw for slurping & enjoying


Dragon Fruit Powder 1 T.

Mango chunks-frozen 1/4 c.

Ice 1/2 c.

Hibiscus 🌺 Brewed Tea 1/2 c.

Collagen- liquid or powder approx. 2 T.

Pink Himalayan salt 1 pinch


Add all I ingredients to your blender. Use the Smoothie IQ button for the perfect blend or hold button until blended to your desired consistency.

Liv to Eat~


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