Watermelon Cucumber Spritz


Um, this was kind of an accident, well here is how it went down…I made blended watermelon and cucumber base for Granita (popular Italian dessert, shaved ice) and I had so much left over I started drinking it, Delish! 

Then thinking about how amazing this would be with bubbles…and that’s how it happened the watermelon cucumber spritz was born. It was a good shoot day after that! 

Cheers! Allow me to help you have a better day with this Recipe

I use “recipe” lightly there really is no recipe BUT…


Food processor 



Strainer (optional)

Fancy Glass


  1 cup of sliced watermelon 

1/4 of a cucumber peeled, seeds removed 

Prosecco or Bubbles of choice


Add the cucumber first and blend, then add watermelon, blend 

If you do not like pulp in your OJ you probably will want to strain This will take any texture out of the juice. 

I personally love the little bits to chew on while I’m enjoying the drink.

May want to chill this base so your chilled bubbles are not a bust! (I like to have one while it chills tho, lol)

Once chilled PoP your bottl(for effect mostly)

Take your Fancy AF glass and add 1/4 fresh juice in bottom, fill the rest with BUBBLES! Enjoy your day!

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