Watermelon Feta Jalapeño Appetizer


This has to be one of the easiest and fun things to add to your table when the sun is shining!  Summer watermelon is not just for slicing anymore. Grilling is popular (and amazing) so if you’d like to go the extra step and your watermelon for this recipe, don’t let me stop you. In fact ”Go for it!” Look at you trying new things!!!!  Heather you are grilling additionally or following the exact recipe below this is sure to have guests and family saying “Oh WOW, I didn’t think I would like this.”  Part of being a Chef and a wild women with culinary flare, one of my favorite things to hear is that. This means you just introduced someone to new flavors…I mean I’m sure they have had the ingredients separately, but together ”WOW”

After that pep talk who is ready to make this? Grab a white platter (or whatever color is your jam and let‘s do this!



Cutting board

Gloves (food safe for cutting jalapeños, or you could be me and almost every time i cut them later i touch my eyes…the oils absorb into your skin so touching yourself, or kiddos, or pets is a no-no for a day even if your wash really well)

Platter for final product 

Garbage can beside you for the watermelon scraps


1/2 Watermelon approx 20 pieces

2 Feta cheese block , not crumbles

1 Fresh jalapeño 

2 Fresh limes, juiced

Pink salt course (optional)


Here we go… slice your watermelon in triangles like i did or squares, 20 pieces then wipe down your board for the feta to be sliced. slice 20 pieces of feta. Put aside. 

Roll and slice your limes in quarters. You will squeeze over everything at the end. 

Wipe down board again and put on your gloves if you choose to use them for the jalapeñosThin slices is the key here especially if the chili is a HOTTTT one. I usually taste one to make sure. If its on the mild side, then slicing a bit thicker is totally fine and will not have your guests running for the water cooler! 

Now time to assemble…

Platter ready…in this order

Watermelon slice/feta slice/jalapeño repeat until you have used all your product. 

Right before serving, squeeze fresh lime juice over all of them and if you think it is needed sprinkle your pink salt. I usually do sparing sprinkle salt just to enhance every flavor.

PS: Get really crazy by adding fresh mint or basil. Chopped not a whole leaf for each one. 

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