Your best friend in the Kitchen


 Think tools…things that no matter what, are versatile and simple. Is it the garlic press, or the pineapple cutter? No!

Knives, a Knife! Your best friend till the end in the kitchen.  Do you have a knife you love?  Something that gives you the confidence to dive into a recipe? Knowing you can smash, chop, dice, rough cut, and slice all with one tool.  

It took me a long time to find my favorite knife, but now that I have I am able to hold it for the long hours it takes to finish my Personal Chef Services, and come home and cook for the fam.  I’m not saying that’s what I always do, take-out on the way home might be what I choose for those super busy weeks.  But you get what I’m saying. 

You don’t need all those fancy gadgets in the kitchen. Quite frankly, they often slow down the process of what you are doing if you are not super familiar with them.  Now, Im not saying that gadgets aren’t good, if that’s your thing, then, GADGET ON!  But you may want to pare down to one tool… Just Sayin:)

So how do you find this “perfect knife?”  Great question guys!  The way I found mine was to take an afternoon and head to my local Cheffy store.  Like Sur La Table, or William Sonoma.  At these stores you are able to ask to see the knives and often times the sales associate offers for you to cut something that have on hand… I see a lot of zucchini being offered.  Makes sense, soft and easy to cut, but you understand how the knife handle feels in your hand when you apply pressure to the food item.  Also, notice if your grip is slipping at all.  Each knife company has their own knife handle.  Here is the secret to a good knife fit for you!….This may sound odd, but wet your hands, and then try cutting with it again.  In so many situations when you are on a role with a recipe I know I don’t always have time to fully dry my hands.  Or if you are doing something outside where its very hot and your hand gets sweaty. (I know kinda gross, but it happens to all of us..hehe). Now that you have spent some time cutting with the knives at a store, which of the knives you tried gave you good vibes?  Confidence.  If none of them did, you may have to try another retailer that you know lets you touch them and cut something too.  I know if you use these couple of tricks that you too will have a knife that fills your kitchen prep time with joy!

So lets review:

Head to your local Chef store

Ask to touch, and use the knife.  (just looking doesn’t work)

Ask to cut something

Notice how the handle and the weight of the knife feels in your hand. (to long of a blade) make sure you have a good solid grip

Wet your hand slightly to make sure you can still have a good hold on the knife.

Make a fun day out of it, meet a friend and go to lunch!

My best friend in the kitchen are Global Knives, love them!  For me, they have the right weight and handle for my hand size.  I use them for Personal Cheffing and when Im at home.

Guys, go find YOUR best friend in the kitchen!  You’ll want to cook right away, and you’ll feel a difference.  Finding that perfect knife is why I..

Liv to Eat~


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